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Join our upcoming live webinars and weekly workshops

December 1, 2022 6:00 PM

From Canva Design to Interactive Flipbook in Minutes!

Want to make the most of your Canva designs? Seamlessly upload to Issuu and transform your file into a fully customizable, interactive, digital flipbook. Then quickly distribute your content with custom assets for every channel!

We will be discussing:

- What type of content is created in Canva and published on Issuu?
- How you can improve your marketing workflow by using Issuu’s Canva integration.
- Quickly share and distribute your content on Issuu across all channels with a variety of assets.

December 6, 2022 9:00 AM

Issuu Academy 1 - Getting Started (Europe)

Create interactive flipbooks with links and videos. Share and embed the content and get inspired by various of “Best of” examples.
Topics: Issuu templates, Canva, Links, Fullscreen Reader link, Embedding

December 6, 2022 8:00 PM

How to Get Started in Issuu - Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Issuu Academy * Live Q&A * Topics: Issuu Templates, Integration, Link Editor, Articles Stories, Social Posts, Create GIFs, Embed on Website, Fullscreen Sharing Link, QR Codes, Statistics.

December 7, 2022 9:00 AM

Issuu Academy 2 - Use Issuu like a Pro (Europe)

Best practices to share your content using GIFs, Social Posts, Articles and QR codes. We cover latest tips with inspirational “Best of” examples.
Topics: Article Stories, Social Posts, GIF, QR codes, Statistics

Recorded webinars and tutorials

Getting Started on Issuu

An icon with a yellow circle showing a magazine with pages flipping

Learn how to upload your publication, add interactive links and videos and share your content as a Fullscreen link or embed it on your website.

Creating Stories for Mobile Optimization

Content for all devices, from desktop, to mobile.

Create mobile optimized Stories perfect for vertical scrolling and video teasers. The Stories editor is available right on Issuu and all our plans!

Statistics and Sharing

laptop with stylized bar graph statistics, and settings gear wheel

Learn how to share your content as a basic or a Fullscreen Reader link, as Article or Visual Stories, as a GIF or embed it on your website. Then analyze the performance with Issuu Statistics.

Digital Sales tutorial


Learn how to sell digital content on Issuu, whether as a subscription or single issue.

Learn how to market your nonprofit with Issuu.

Get inspired by nonprofit Issuu users and hear how they create their digital content, why they chose Issuu, and what their digital content distribution efforts look like within the nonprofit space!

Save time and money

Join us as we sit down with Parks and Recreation program managers who use Issuu to publish and distribute their content guides for easy distribution to their community, saving them time and money! Issuu helps increase registrations while cutting down print costs.

Aprende a Crear y Compartir Contenido Con Issuu (ES)

Crea publicaciones interactivas con enlaces y videos. Distribuye e inserta tu contenido en una web, y conviértelo en Stories, GIF y códigos QR ideales para compartir. Este webinario se impartirá en español.

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