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Most sales professionals would agree that the two most important parts of the sales process are prospecting and closing. Getting a prospect from cold lead to paying customer requires engagement and connection that a static PDF simply can’t generate. That’s why on our sales presentation platform, you can connect with your prospective clients with engaging media assets and embedded links that lead them directly into your sales funnel.

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Publishers of all kinds trust Issuu for their digital needs

Why do salespeople choose Issuu?

Issuu’s sales presentation software transforms traditional marketing assets that would otherwise be overlooked and showcases them as immersive and engaging standalone elements. We give salespeople like you the tools you need to connect with decision-makers in new ways.

A sales presentation created with Issuu creates a memorable first touch. Prospects can review your presentation over and over, finding more compelling information and data each time. 

You can also edit your presentation anytime so you don’t have to go back to the drawing board when you want to update it or add something new. The editing feature also lets you repurpose the content of your presentation for a better fit on different social channels.

Everything you create on our sales presentation platform can be seamlessly shared across all channels from email to social media, no reformatting required. You can even embed your presentation directly to your website. We are the all-in-one sales presentation solution that reinvigorates marketing and drives sales to new heights.

Salespeople choose Issuu because we streamline your sales process. Our sales presentation software allows you to link to your most important pages in a flash. With just a few clicks, you can cast a wider net and get interested eyes on your product or service.

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Specific solutions for salespeople:

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Nothing lets you demonstrate your expertise, quantify value, and create urgency like a well-crafted presentation. Enable the Fullscreen feature on our sales presentation platform, so your presentation is ad and distraction-free and the design is consistent with your branding. Since your presentation can be updated and edited at any time, this important sales and marketing asset is truly evergreen. 

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Interactive PDFs

Our sales presentation solution is designed to create opportunities for readers to engage with your brand by crafting multimedia experiences out of traditionally flat forms of content. Links and multimedia content do more than make the PDF interesting, they help potential customers connect with your brand and help you generate qualified leads by linking to signup forms and gated content.

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Investor prospectus

Create a presentation that will motivate a VC, angel investor, or private equity decision maker to want to be a part of your brand. An investor prospectus may be one of the most important publications your brand ever creates, and we have the tools to help you craft it effectively by making it interactive and visually appealing.

make your report with issuu


Creating a report with our sales presentation software gives your communication a facelift. Convey goals, annual growth, financial statements, and operational statistics to your investors and stakeholders with presentations that will capture their attention and illustrate important data through interactive elements and visuals.

make your booklet with Issuu


Our sales presentation solution gives you the ability to draft and publish a booklet that gives you plenty of room to cover your bases while remaining succinct and to the point. Your flippable booklet can be read like an eBook, so it is viewable on any device and can even be embedded directly onto your website with ease. We make it simple to highlight key features with stunning imagery and interactive explainer videos and infographics.

Give your static presentations new life

Curating an exciting and effective presentation is as simple as uploading a PDF to our sales presentation platform! Add elements to your presentations that create personality and tell a story with an upward trajectory of enthusiasm. All your existing visual and creative assets can be reused in new and interesting ways to avoid redundancy. Change backgrounds, add new visuals, or even update and edit in real-time. Everything you need is built-in and ready to go.

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Close the deal with shoppable links

Our sales presentation software is an extension of your existing sales funnel. Once you present your product or service to the reader, don’t leave it to chance that they will circle back to make a purchase later on. Shoppable links are easily embedded so you can direct traffic to your website or e-commerce store. You not only increase your visibility and brand awareness, you amplify your accessibility making our sales solutions a direct-to-consumer “must-have.”

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Simple sharing to tailored audiences

No matter what industry or corporate ecosystem you operate in, time is a very valuable resource. Our all-in-one sales presentation solution allows you to get the most crucial information to decision-makers quickly and effectively and cross channels with ease without the need to reformat. You can make your presentation public or only share it with a select few. No matter who is reading it, your presentation will be mobile-friendly and viewable on any device.

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Salespeople: FAQs

  • Assemble your slides in the order of how you want the viewer to consume the information. Focus your content on the benefits of what you’re selling, and be sure to address common questions and objections from buyers. Try to build your sales presentation in as few slides as possible and use short sentences when copy is needed. Use visuals as much as possible that complement the short copy. Finally, upload your visual assets, PDFs, videos, or any media you wish to include into our sales presentation platform. You’ll be ready to present in just a few clicks.

  • An effective sales pitch starts with an introduction to your business or product, highlights the key features and benefits, and closes out with a compelling CTA (call to action). It is important to highlight how your brand is the answer to a problem that the viewer may or may not know they have. Treat your sales pitch as your one shot to make a lasting impression.

  • The main elements of your sales presentation should all revolve around the value proposition. 

    • Be mindful that your elements all tactfully show that you are the best choice when compared to your competition. 

    • Include captivating visuals that not only relate to you and your product, but to the prospect too. 

    • Your problem/solution slide should make the problem very clear to whoever is viewing it. Include next steps to let the prospect know what they need to do to move forward with your proposal.

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