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Unleash your creativity with our InDesign plugin for digital publishing

Perfect for designers who want to easily create marketing assets, the Issuu InDesign extension is a fast and powerful way to create motion stories for Facebook, Instagram and more. This exciting integration brings together the best design and digital publishing solutions in one platform.

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What is the Issuu InDesign extension?

Designers will already be familiar with InDesign as a layout and page design software for print and digital media. This powerful tool helps you create anything from a digital magazine to a logo for your band. InDesign helps you manage all the different elements in your design process.

The Issuu extension allows you to go a lot further. We’ve partnered with InDesign to seamlessly integrate this powerful tool into our publishing platform. The plugin makes it easy to create social media ready stories, optimized for your favorite social channels in just a few clicks.

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How to use the Issuu InDesign extension

  1. Within InDesign, select “File” and then click on “Issuu Create Story” to start creating your Visual Stories.

  2. Choose one of the templated styles from the Issuu Extension.

  3. Select the pages/spread you want to include in your Visual Stories.

  4. A vertical video asset is then generated.

  5. Add a title, a name, or any text you deem necessary to include in the Visual Story.

  6. Export your Visual Story to Issuu, where you can edit with our desktop editor.

  7. Ready, set, and publish! Let your audience know about your newest content.

From InDesign to social success

The InDesign plugin for digital publishing makes it possible to get all your publishing and social sharing needs organized in one place. This is your one-stop design hub for your flipbook PDF and social assets. To get started building Visual Stories, just download the Issuu extension from the Adobe Marketplace.

Adobe InDesign user interface.

Build beautiful Visual Stories

Visual Stories give your audience a sneak peek of what’s inside your flipbook in a visually stunning format that’s optimized for social media. To start creating your Visual Stories in InDesign, select “File” -> “Issuu - Create Story”. 

Select a Story Style from our selection of templated designs, and choose the pages or spreads you want to include in your story.

Graphical user interface going from desktop to mobile device, Create visual stories to share on social media.

Send to Issuu for the final touches

The InDesign Plugin automatically generates vertical video assets, so all you have to do is add a title or a few descriptive words, and we’ll handle the rest. Export your Visual Story to Issuu and use our desktop editor to make final changes. Finally, hit, “Create Story” and you’re done!

User interface, take content from InDesign plugin to Issuu.

InDesign FAQs

  • Social media stories boost engagement and make your content highly visible. Your audience will see your stories in the same feed where they get updates from friends, family, and influencers on platforms they check frequently. 

  • Web Stories boost engagement and support your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. They give you the opportunity to appear in Google Images, Google Discover (as Web Story cards), and Google Search (as rich results). This makes your brand more visible online and helps you generate traffic and clicks.

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